Colour Analysis

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: from R1 710
Includes: Wallet with 42 Fabric Colour Swatches

Confused by colour? Ever looked in the mirror and felt dull?
Want to wear more colours but not sure which ones suit you or how to wear them?

A colour analysis will demonstrate:

  • What your dominant colouring is and how this determines what colours suit you
  • Why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others
  • A complete make-up in the right colours with tips on the make-up that suits you naturally
  • How to wear and combine colours to achieve the look you want in both work and play
  • How to achieve more outfit combinations without having to buy more clothes
  • How best to wear the colours you already have
  • Where to find your colours this season


How it works

At the analysis, your consultant will find out about your lifestyle, clothes, make-up, shopping habits and what you like to wear. By looking at the way your skin tone, eye and hair colour work together you’ll then be shown how to wear the colours from your personal palette and ways in which you can use these colours to complement your unique colouring.

Your consultant will advise you on what your neutral colours are and how they work best for suits, jackets and trousers. You’ll then be shown how you can use accent colours to give your outfit that WOW factor. You’ll also receive a full make-up makeover in colours that complement your skin tone and features, along with a list of suitable make-up shades. So, you’ll leave looking great! You will also leave with a wallet containing 42 fabric colour swatches with unique tips on how to wear your colours and how to use the wallet when shopping.

*All prices exclude vat.

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